La Plaia

Lava e cuce (espress laundry service)

Lava e cuce La Plaia

Lava & Cuce offers services of:

  • Shirt service;
  • Repairs, alterations, shorten/lengthen, new zips;
  • Express Laundry Service for all types of items;

Lava & Cuce is a young Company made up by highly qualified professionals.

Lava & Cuce carries out all laundry, dry cleaning and tailoring services using the latest technology machinery and procedures.
Lava e Cuce gives close attention to detail and focus on quality and service, thereby providing their customers real value for money.

Lava & Cuce offers a truly best quality and time saving service for customers!


With Lava & Cuce, washing and ironing has never been so easy and quick!


MON – SUN09:00 – 21:00


📞 Phone

>>392 588 4824<<

Price list
Lava e Cuce La Plaia

price list lava e cuce la plaia

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