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Bata is the largest shoe retailer in Italy.
With its headquarters based in Padova since 1931, Bata’s store chain counts up to 400 stores located throughout the entire Country including directly operated or franchises of Bata City, Bata Superstore, Bata Retail Par and AW Lab brands./span>
Bata enjoys an over 13 decades history as a leading manufacturer and retailer of quality footwear and proudly counts a retail distribution network with over 40.000 employees, 5.000 stores and 25 factories situated in over 70 countries./span>

Born in 1894, Bata’s reach is now worldwide.
Infact Bata’s over 5.000 stores are nowadays present in 5 world areas: Europe, LATAM (South America), Africa, South Asia and Asia Pacific./span>


MON – SAT08:30 – 21:00
SUN09:00 – 20:30


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